The Global Real Estate Equity Exchange
Empowering Everyone To Own Investment Real Estate
The GREEE makes it possible for everyone to own investment real estate and become a mini landlord.

How We Do It

Real estate owners and developers sell equity shares in their property and projects to The GREEE community members who can then hold, resell, and freely trade their shares on our exchange. All real estate on The GREEE is 100% debt free and fully secured by the property value and title deed. Our technology allows us to pay our community members their share of property income proceeds each month, making them a mini landlord.

How It Works

1. Register and join The GREEE Community, it’s free and easy.

2. Look through the available listed properties and projects, find the ones you like, and buy the amount of ownership you want.

3. Immediately upon purchase your ownership shares and fractional title deed are transferred to your secure property vault, where you’ll also receive your share of property income payments each month.

Note: All real estate owners on The GREEE can freely sell, trade, or transfer their property shares to other Community Members at anytime through a private or public listing.

Who We Are

The Global Real Estate Equity Exchange was co-founded by Mark Saint Juste, and Jeff Mariner, two property and tech developers, committed to building a technology platform so more people can benefit from the ownership of income producing properties. Along with a passionate group of software engineers, real estate vets, and Wall Street securities experts, Mark and Jeff look forward to leading the next revolution in real estate on The GREEE.

Our Office

The Global Real Estate Equity Exchange

2121 Avenue Of The Stars
Suite 800
Los Angeles, California 90067
United States

Come Join Us For The Next Revolution In Real Estate!